Method Daily Shower Spray Cleaner 828ml


Method Daily Shower Spray, ylang ylang (non-aerosol). July 2013: This is the new formula but the fragrance has been toned down since the re-formulation in 2012. See also Attitude Shower Spray which has a much less noticeable fragrance. For quick, easy shower cleaning.

Method bathroom and shower cleaning products are based on natural ingredients, for super-efficient but safe cleaning.

With no-bleach, no-rinse formula and improved frangrance, Method daily shower cleaner is quick and easy to use:

Just hose down the shower after use and spray a fine mist of Method shower cleaner on all wet surfaces, including the shower glass or curtain and the shower hose
Pay particular attention to the corners and around the base of the shower walls.

Using Method shower spray daily for cleaning the shower helps prevent build up of soap scum and lime scale, mildew and mould in the shower cubicle, tiles and on the shower glass by cleaning the shower surfaces and making them inhospitable to mould and mildew

Regular use of Method's daily shower spray keeps the shower clean, reducing the need for regular scrubbing with harsh chemicals.

Nb Method Daily Shower Spray is not a treatment for cleaning showers or shower curtains that are already soiled or have limscale build-up.
Mouldy, mildewed or dirty shower curtains, tiles, grout, sealant, glass and hose should all be thoroughly cleaned (or replaced) before starting to use Method Daily Shower Spray.

(Limescale build-up can be cleaned from shower glass and hose using Ecover Limescale remover)

Older, porous and badly sealed showers may still be more susceptible to mould if moisture is trapped in the walls etc

Sufficient ventillation is always required to quickly air and dry out showers.

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About this shower cleaner:

The Method formula is based on naturally derived products
No harsh chemicals or bleach
When used as directed, Method shower spray significantly reduces the need for harsh cleaning chemicals to remove build-up.
Quick and easy to use, saves on cleaning time
Method products are biodegradable.
The bottle is made from recycled plastic and can be recycled again when empty.
Method performs absolutely no animal testing on any of their products
Certified by PETA as a cruelty-free and vegan company

About Method:

Method believe green products must come from green companies, they are always looking for ways to make their products greener and the company better.

(Source: Method)

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