Spare Carabiner Top for Classic Glogg Bottle


Spare Glogg Carabiner Top for Glogg Bottle, a screw-in top with carabiner, to use with classic Glogg bottle, (ie not the new wide neck version)

Converts the classic sports top Glogg water bottle to a clip-on bottle, for clipping onto rucksack when out walking, hiking, camping etc

Made from polyproylene which, unlike many plastics, has not been found to leach potentially harmful toxins such as BPA into the drinking water
And silicon seal

We also sell the sports top for the classic Gloggs.

Glogg bottle tops are only interchangeable within the bottle style.
So this Glogg top with carabiner clip will fit the following Glogg water bottles that we sell:
Silver 750 ml classic Glogg bottle Silver 500 ml classic Glogg bottle

(But not the 350ml, 500ml wide neck, 600ml coloured bottles, 750ml wide neck or the 1 litre wide neck bottles, if you have one of these then you need the wide neck tops which are on the last page)

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