Glogg Classic Water Bottle, Sports Top 750ml


Glogg Water Bottle with Sports Top, classic re-useable stainless steel drinks bottle , classic narrow neck with new, pull-up sports top


750ml capacity, approx 70mm diameter base, total height approx 250mm

(nb Tops are interchangeable so please email if you need more stock than is showing)

We consume 3 billion plastic bottles in the UK every year and 8 out of 10 of these end up in landfill.
The average plastic bottle takes over 1000 years to biodegrade
(Source: Glogg)

Refill & Re-use means less waste going to landfill:
Instead of buying bottled water, simply get into the habit of refilling your Glogg water bottle with chilled, filtered tap water before you leave the house!

Glogg quickly pays for itself!
The 750ml Glogg bottle fits easily into an adult hand for running or the gym
(The smaller size Gloggs are better for children)

Well-designed and leakproof,
Glogg water bottles are lightweight but strong and easy to clean - so remember to wash out regularly!
Stainless steel bottles and the lids are dishwasher safe

The 750ml drinking bottle is versatile, can be used as a sports, walking or running bottle.
Great for camping or hiking, picnics, holidays, festivals, days out.

(Glogg carabiner-top drinks bottle also available)

About this drinks bottle:

Re-usable stainless steel drinking bottles are widely considered to be safer than refilling plastic drinks bottles which can leach chemicals into the water - especially if exposed to sunlight or left in a hot car.

Gloggs are made from durable stainless steel
Glogg sports tops are made from polypropylene
so the drink in your Glogg remains BPA-free

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