E-Coffee Cup - Itchykoo


Itchykoo E-Coffee Cup, reusable coffee cup
Organic bamboo cup with silicone sleeve and cap.
Holds approx 400ml / 14 fluid oz

Itchykoo is a jade green cup and cap with a retro, psychedelic-style heart print.

Made from sustainably produced Organic bamboo, combined with corn flour and a resin created from amino acids.
)NOTE: These cups are breakable if bashed, dropped on a hard surface etc so treat it as you would a china cup
This is the new improved version of the Tosh E-Coffee Cup, with a thicker 'sleeve' and plugged lid (to reduce the risk of spillage).

Suitable for almost any hot drink, the E-coffee cup is not insulated but the hollow structure of the bamboo fibres that the cup is made from help to keep the drink warm for longer.

Use an E-Coffee Cup at home, office, school or out and about, in the car or on foot.
You can also take to your Itchykoo coffee cup to your regular coffee house or cafe and ask to have your take-away hot drink in your own reusable bamboo cup, intead wasting a disposable paper cup; many coffee houses will even give a small discount for bring your own cup!

About this re-usable coffee cup:

Lightweight and strong
Base material is sustainably produced Organic bamboo,
Produced and manufactured in China, factory isISO 9001QA accredited and has has valid SEDEX and BSCI ethics and Human Rights audits.
Bamboo is fast-growing and requires no chmicals or irrigation
Re-usable products help reduce the amount of waste sent to landfill
With care your E-Coffee Cup should last 2-4 years even with regular use
Cup is dishwasher safe (but not the silicone trim)
When finished with the bamboo section will eventually break down, unlike plastic or ceramic.
To home compost, crush, soak in boiling water and then bury (nb takes a couple of years).
In some areas silicone sleeve and lid can be recycled.
Simple cardboard packaging made without Chlorine bleach
Box can be composted or recycled

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