Beaming Baby Organic fragrance-free baby wipes - pk of 72 wipes


Beaming Baby Organic luxury baby wipes, fragrance-free, approx 72 Organic baby wipes in re-sealable pack

95% of babies suffer from Nappy Rash, Sensitive Skin Problems, Eczema or Asthma in their first three years of life.
Many of these problems can be avoided by protecting baby from the harsh chemicals used in standard baby products. (Source: Beaming Baby)

Beaming Baby's fragrance-free baby wipes are made using only the most gentle, natural and organic ingredients, including Organic aloe vera to heal, moisturise and nourish baby's sensitive skin
Each pack contains over 90mls of Organic Aloe Vera - 30 times more than any other wipe! (Source: Beaming Baby)
Excellent for cleaning faces, bottoms or sticky fingers!
These fragrance-free wipes are designed to be flushable (providing your system can cope with flushable wipes)

About these baby wipes:

The highest quality ingredients ensure that Beaming Baby organic baby wipes are incredibly soft and gentle.
Impregnated with lotion containing over 95% organic ingredients.
Certified organic plant ingredients are grown without using chemical fertilisers or pesticides

100% biodegradable, made in the EU from wood pulp from sustainable European forests.

Only Soil Association approved preservatives are used to keep the products in pristine condition

Free from: Chlorine, alcohol, paraben preservatives, sodium laureth sulphate.

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