Ecozone Magnoball


Ecozone Magnoball, the eco friendly way to combat limescale build-up in the washing machine and dishwasher.

(Note product colour, CURRENT STOCK IS BRIGHT PINK and packaging may vary slightly from image shown)

Note: the magnet means this product may not be suitable for use by someone who has any device such as a pacemaker, check with your health care professional. Research has shown that a magnetic field can helps prevent the calcium carbonate in 'hard water' from forming a hard limescale crust. (Source: Ecozone)
So to prevent the formation of hard water limescale in your washing machine or dishwasher:
For washing machine: after first checking that the Magnoball is not damaged in amy way, you can simply place the Magnoball inside the drum together with the laundry to be washed, along with the laundry detergent of your choice, however it is not advisable to use with very small loads as the increased movement may damage the Magnoball

For the dishwasher: place where the Magnoball will not roll around i.e in the cutlery holder, allowing for water to pass freely between the Magnoball.

Switch the machine on and Magnoball will start working straight away.

IMPORTANT: You may leave the Magnoball in the machine between washes but it should be checked for damage before and after each use as a damaged Magnoball may in turn damage the drum and the laundry .

About this hard water treatment:

Magnoball is economical and environmentally safe, containing no toxins or chemicals. Made of a durable Thermoplastic Elastomer, the Magnoball contains permanent, ferrite magnets which are guaranteed for 5 years and have been used in household appliances for many years. The Magnoball is suitable for use in the washing machine or dishwasher, with all detergents.

Preventing limescale build-up in the washing machine and dishwasher should help the machine to work more efficiently
And you should be able to use less detergent, water softeners and fabric conditioner (eg up to approx 70% less detergent, depending on water hardness)

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