Onya Back Rucksack - Olive Green / Red Garden


Onya Back olive green backpack, olive green with dark red trim and 'Flowers' design embroidery.
Recycled bag, made from rpet recycled plastic drinks bottles.

Recycled bags are an easy way of going green as recycling is more sustainable than using virgin materials.

Good capacity lightweight rucksack or day sack with padded shoulder straps, carry handle and integral pouch.
Simple design, closes with a chunky zip and has porthole for headphones

Made from strong, lightweight recycled material, Onya Bags are cleverly designed to fold right down.
The Onya Back folds down to fit into its own little red pouch which is attached to the inside of the bag.
Once folded down into its pouch it is roughly the size of a woman's purse
The pouch can be used to stash small valuables when the Onya Back is opened out for use.

About this recycled bag:

GOOD CAPACITY: With good-size gusset.

HANDS FREE: a rucksack on your back leaves both hands free, handy with children about

LIGHTWEIGHT: The Onya Back weighs less than 100g

RE-USABLE: Using re-usable bags instead of disposable bags saves on resources and prevents the discarded bags from ending up in landfill or polluting our oceans

RECYCLED: Onya's recycled bags are made from Rpet (recycled plastic bottles) an attractive, lightweight but very strong parachute-type material.

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