Traidcraft Fair Trade Rubber Gloves, medium 1 pair


Traidcraft Fair Trade Rubber Gloves medium 1 pair of flock-lined re-usable rubber gloves.

Wash away unfair trade by providing support for Fair Trade.
Blue waterproof rubber gloves, suitable for protecting hands from water and detergents during washing up, hand washing, cleaning kitchens and bathrooms as well as the dirtier outdoor tasks such as swilling round drains, washing windows and paintwork etc.

About these rubber gloves:

Fair Trade Rubber Latex with cotton flock inside surface.
Formulated for increased resistance to household detergents.
(Note: Not suitable for those with rubber / latex allergies)
About Traidcraft:

Established in 1979 as a Christian response to poverty, Traidcraft combines a trading company and a development charity.
Buying Traidcraft products helps them to invest in producers so they can grow their businesses; give small-scale farmers access to new markets; develop new fair trade products; fight against unfair trade deals.

(Source: Traidcraft)

More information about Traidcraft: can be found on the Traidcraft website.

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