Spare Flip-up Top, only fits some sizes - details below.


SORRY THIS HAS BEEN DISCONTINUED BY SUPPLIER spare Glogg Sporty Bottle Top with Flip-up Spout Can be used with most wide neck Gloggs (but not all of the sizes - see at bottom).
Note also that all classic narrow-mouth bottles need a completely different fitting style of top which is listed separately

Please email if you wish to buy some of these tops, so that we can try to advise you - even if they are for Glogg bottles that you have already got as we they don't fit some of the batches, thank you.

A variation on the regular sports tops
The drinking spout simply flips up for drinking.
Fold spout back down to seal.
Photo shows the top with the spout up and with it folded down

Handy carrying handle also protects the spout area

Please note, this top is not strong enough to be used with a carabiner clip to attach a water bottle to the rucksack, the weight of the full bottle swinging around may break the top; the screw-in top with carabiner is a better option

Many of the Glogg bottle tops are interchangeable
This spare Glogg top should fit the following Glogg wide neck bottles that we stock:
The 1 litre SS wide neck bottles
The 750ml SS wide neck bottles
The 500 ml SS wide neck bottles
The NEW rounded base 350 ml plain SS finish wide neck bottles

but might not fit some of the old style flat base plain stainless 350ml, depending on batches, (please email if unsure)

This lid should fit the new curvy red and blue 700ml with a high gloss finish
Most blue, pink, red or purple 600 ml wide neck bottles (but NOT the new darker green)

However this flip-up top does NOT fit the current stock of 350ml colours, blue, red, pink, orange or yellow

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