Hope's Relief Cream 60g


Hope's Relief cream 60g tube, cooling and soothing natural moisturizing cream suitable for sensitive skin conditions such as Eczema & Psoriasis.


Hope's Relief Cream is formulated from the finest natural, healing ingredients, organic where possible.
Because there are no petrochemicals or other toxic ingredients to be absorbed through the skin, Hope's Relief Cream is a highly effective natural alternative to steroid based creams.
The colour is light brown but the cream is easily absorbed and non-staining.

Hope's Relief has been formulated to be safely used on babies, young children and adults for extended periods of time.

Before applying Hope's Relief Cream, gently cleanse the skin with water or with Hopes Relief soap-free soap, pat the skin dry and apply the cream as required.

(nb Always do a small skin patch test before using new products)

About this sensitive skin cream:

Hope's Relief Cream contains licorice, calendula, Manuka honey, aloe vera, and gotu kola, natural and organic ingredients.

Offering a natural effective option without chemicals such as Sodium Laurel Sulphate, petro chemicals, parabes, artificial perfumes;
Alkaline-free, PH balanced and free from artificial colours, perfumes and animal products.

About Hopes Relief:

Hopes Relief was established in Melbourne, Australia, by a leading Naturopath Jacqueline Hope.
She developed this cream for sensitive skin as so many of her patients that were not getting the relief they wanted from other treatments.
Jacqueline wanted to provide clients with a range of natural products to safely and effectively relieve the symptoms of eczema, psoriasis and itchy, dry skin.

(source: Hopes Relief)

More information about Hopes Relief can be found on the Hopes Relief website

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