If You Care Firelighters 72 pieces


If You Care natural firelighters, 1 bag of 72 environmentally safe Biomass firelighters.

Made from 100% renewable wood and vegetable oil, If You Care firelighters do not dry out or lose their firepower even after opening and, most importantly have NO UNPLEASANT CHEMICAL SMELL!

When lighting a barbecue, unlike other firelighters, If You Care firelighters are safe near or with food. So these stable, natural firelighters make perfect barbecue firelighters.
Also ideal for charcoal grills, chimineas, wood burning stoves, and ovens.
As well as outdoor campfires and fire pits.
Use with dry kindling for lighting coal fires

Simply break off 2 or 3 If You Care firelighter cubes
Place under dry kindling
or on top of charcoal
Carefully light each cube on the rough / fractured side of the cube

The firelighters should burn for 8-10 mins but the first 5 minute produces the strongest flame

About these eco firelighters:

Non-explosive, extremely stable with very long shelf life
If You Care firelighters are made using only wood from FSC Certified forests
And 100% non-GMO vegetable oil.
Harmless when in contact with plants, vegetation or aquatic organisms
Safe to store near or with food.

No toxins; most other firelighters contain kerosene and/or paraffin or paraffin wax, derived from petroleum, the combustion of which can release carcinogenic formaldehyde - the last thing you want when cooking on a bbq!

If You Care 100% Biomass Firelighters are considered carbon neutral
Packaging is made from unbleached, recycled cardboard and unbleached paper and was printed using vegetable-based inks.
Bag can even be recycled again

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