EcoForce recycled clothes pegs pack of 24


EcoForce Recycled Clothes Pegs
Rebranded to HomeProud, 24 coloured plastic clothes pegs (COLOURS VARY, could be a mix of green, pink, yellow, blue) made using 93% recycled materials

Hurricane force grip and frost proof, Home Proud clothes pegs are metal-free clothes pegs, suitable for year-round use.
The end result of over 150 years of innovation and invention
Easy to use - even with one hand
Perfect for pegging out most types of laundry on the washing line
Without any metal springs to rust and mark the clothes
And any dropped pegs are easy to spot!

About these recycled clothes pegs:

An important part of the design of the eco peg was to have everything made from a single piece of plastic, making these clothes pegs stronger, safer and more energy efficient to produce.
The unique spring system used in the pegs was the winner of the Design Council Millennium Products Awards
Made from 93% recycled plastic mixed with plastic waste which would otherwise go to landfill.
Made in the UK Home Proud is a brand owned by EasyDo, their recycled plastic products are made in the UK.

Items that cost little but that are part of our day to day lives, offering a greener alternative to all those every day items currently made from vrgin materials

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