Calming Moods Vapourizing Oil Blend 10ml


Calming Moods Essential Oil Blend New larger size bottle with new label - 10ml glass bottle.

From Natural by Nature, a soothing blend of Cedarwood, Geranium and Mandarin essential oils, for use in an oil burner or vaporiser.

Often referred to as 'oil burners', an oil vapouriser uses warm water to disperse the oil rather than burn it. The oils are actually dropped onto a small pool of water which is warmed with a small tea-light to disperse the aroma of the oils into the surrounding space.

Simply add a few drops of Calming Moods Vapourizing Oil blend to the water in the bowl at the top of your diffuser and light the tea light underneath.
Do not let the water boil dry.
Do not use if sensitive to any of the listed oils

Always replace cap firmly immediately after use and store in a cool, dark place

About this calming essential oils blend:

Pure essential oil, undiluted, contains only Cedarwood, Geranium and Mandarin essential oils.
Natural product, no preservatives, artificial fragrance or additives.

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