Natural By Nature Organic Lavender Oil 30ml


Natural By Nature Lavender Oil, (larger size bottle) Certified Organic essential oil, from high altitude lavender flowers
approx 30ml

Lavender is the most used and talked about of all essential oils.
Useful in natural first aid, Lavender oil is one of the few essential oils that may be used undiluted on the skin, can help ease bites, spots, stings, heat rash,
Lavender essential oil is very potent and a small skin patch test is advisable before using new products.

This versatile oil is balancing, soothing, restful, add a few drops in the bath for a calming, restful aromatic bath.
avneder oil also blends well with other essential oils.

Diluted in a blend or with a carrier oil it is an excellent skin rejuvenator, is antiseptic and suitable for most skin types.

Popular in aromatherapy and massage, Lavender is believed to have a steadying influence on the psyche, removing indecisiveness and emotional conflict.
Lavender generally strengthens the conscious mind and may help with depression

Lavender oil can be used in an aromatherapy oil diffuser ('burner') to fragrance and cleanse a room
A few drops can be added to the washing machine final rinse for lavender scented laundry

Pregnant women should seek medical advice before using aromatherapy oils

About this Organic lavender essential oil:

From Certified Organic, high altitude Lavandula officinalis flowers
No animal ingredients
Not tested on animals

Glass Essential oils bottles are recyclable

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