Natural By Nature Organic Almond Oil 100ml


Natural By Nature Organic 'Sweet' Almond Oil, Certified Organic pure, sweet almond carrier oil for aromatherapy and massage
approx 100ml bottle (glass)

A popular oil, rich in vitamins and one of the less expensive oils used for massage.

Carrier or base oils are used as a neutral base for blending in chosen essential oils, to make scented massage and aromatherapy oils.
For a richer carrier oil, sweet almond oil mixes well with avocado or jojoba.

Natural by Nature are one of the leading authorities in aromatherapy;
Suggestions and information about aromatherapy oils and their uses can be found on theNatural By Nature website

Pregnant women should seek medical advice before using aromatherapy oils

Sweet almond oil contains vitamin D and is also good for conditioning and treating dry and brittle nails

Always do a small skin patch test when using new products

About this almond oil:

Pure, Certified Organic sweet almond oil
Extracted from the kernal of the sweet almond fruit, Prunus amygdalus
No petrochemicals or parabans
No animal ingredients
Not tested on animals

Bottle can be recycled with other glass

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