Natural By Nature Frankincense Oil 5ml


Natural By Nature Frankincense Oil, natural, essential oil, from frankincense resin
approx 5ml (not organic)

Frankincense calms the physical form and awakens the higher consciousness.
It produces a hightened awareness of the spiritual realm and deepens religious experience.
Frankincense is ideal for use prior to meditation.
It has a balsamic and slightly spicy aroma with sweet undertones.

Blends well with myrrh, lavender or cedarwood.

This wonderful and comforting oil has a wide range of properties. It is excellent for mature skin and has rejuvenating and toning properties.

Frankincense oil is especially good for aging skin and wrinkles, and for preserving a youthful complexion.
Also effective for healing wounds, scars and injuries when blended with a base oil or used in herbal perparations
(Do not use undiluted on the skin)

Always do a small skin patch test when using new products

Frankincense has traditionally used in incense for centuries; Frankincense oil can be used in an aromatherapy oil burner to fragrance and cleanse a room

Pregnant women should seek medical advice before using aromatherapy oils

Store Essential oils in a cool dark place

Further suggestions and uses for frankincense oil blends can be found on the Natural by Nature website

About this Frankincense oil:

Extracted from frankincense resin, which is the hardened sap or gum resin that has been harvested from the Boswellia carterii tree This is the precious frankincense that was brought by the three wise men
No animal ingredients
Not tested on animals

Bottle can be recycled

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