Crystal Deodorant Stick 40g


Solid Crystal Deodorant Stick, natural crystal body deodorant stick, unscented, hypoallergenic, small / travel size, approx 40g.


Alum compound when applied to the skin provides an unfriendly environment for any odour-causing bacteria
Deodorants made of alum-based mineral salts have large potassium or ammonium alum molecules which are not absorbed through the skin into the bloodstream.
So ammonium alum crystal effectively eliminates odour-causing bacteria without blocking pores.

To use simply dampen underarm area with a few drops of water and roll crystal over the wet skin for a few seconds.
(nb does not stop perspiration).

Rinse or wipe stick after use.

Do not use on broken or damaged skin, discontinue use if irritation occurs.
Protect polished surfaces etc as staining may occur from excess water running-off.

Although less slippery and less fragile than the crystal on a rope, take care not to drop this crystal deodorant as it may break if it lands on a hard floor, or the weight of the stone may break the casing.


About this crystal deodorant:

Long lasting, solid, natural crystal in simple plastic holder.

Free-from aluminum chlorohydrate and aluminum zirconium

Natural product
This crystal deodorant contains no parabens or other toxic ingredients.

Suitable for vegans
Not tested on animals

Recycle case when empty

About Crystal:

While traveling in France in 1984, Jerry Rosenblatt, Founder and CEO of Crystal, was introduced to a mineral product used to purify water. That same product, he discovered, also worked as an all-natural yet powerful deodorant. He began importing the minerals, assembled a small team of friends to shape, mold, smooth, and package each stone by hand.
Jerry named the product Le Crystal Naturel™(source: Crystal)

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