Living Naturally Soapnut Shells 225g


Living Naturally Soapnut shells, sustainable, completely natural laundry detergent, approx 225g Sapindus Mukurossi soapnuts (enough for up to 55 washes approx)

NEW IMPROVED PACKAGING! These soapnut shells now come in a sturdy recyclable cardboard tube.
Organic, natural and chemical-free, soapnut shells work by releasing natural saponin (soap) when mixed with water
Effective at removing dirt and grease from laundry at all temperatures, from 30 to 90degrees.
Naturally gentle to coloureds

For automatic washing machines:
Depending on water hardness, size of load and soiling, put between 4 and 8 whole shells in the cotton bag (provided)
Tie securely and place in washing machine amongst laundry
Soaking the bag of shells in hot water for a few minutes before use can achieve better results and a quick 3 minute hot soak is advised when washing at less than 40 degrees, to activate the soap.

(More instructions are on the box)

Stubborn stains can be pre-soaked in a cold solution of soda crystals or bicarb - or add a couple of tablespoons of soda crystals to the powder drawer (or powdered bleach) for a whiter wash.

No need for fabric softener as soapnut shells are a natural softener
They have a neutral, clean soapy smell.
In hard water areas adding a dash of white vinegar should also help soften the water and produce a cleaner wash.
If you wish to add fragrance, add a few drops of diluted essential oil in the softener drawer (eg lavender, ylang ylang, geranium, rose)
Or just use dash of Ecological Fabric Softener in the fabric softener compartment!

For a whites wash, soapnuts work well at higher temperatures and can be combined with laundry bleach such as Ecover Laundry Bleach to the powder dispenser drawer

Soapnuts can be re-used 3-4 times and are worn out once they become thin and soft, mushy and faded to light grey.

About these soapnuts:

Natural, bleach-free washing detergent
Soapnuts are the sun-dried husks from seeds of the soapberry tree which grows primarily in northern India and Nepal.
100% Sapindus Mukurossi soapnuts which have the highest amount of saponin in the shell and will be most effective when used for cleaning.
Living Naturally only use Organic sopanuts (ECOCERT and USDA certified Organic)
Sustainably harvested
SLS and sulphate-free
Paraben, Phosphate and Phthalate free
No petro-chemicals
No Optical Brighteners
So no residue of unnecessary chemicals left on your clothes
Naturally anti-fungal and anti-microbial
Hypoallergenic, safe for sensitive skin.
Suitable for vegans
Biodegradable, just compost the spent soapnuts
Safe for septic tanks.
Minimum packaging - box is recyclable

About Living Naturally:

A family run business, based in London, Living Naturally were inspired by the success of their own experiences with Soapnuts on sensitive skin and eczema.

(Source: Living Naturally)

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