Sea-Band Accupressure Wrist Bands


Sea-Band anti-nausea accupressure wrist bands.
Natural nausea relief, for morning sickness, travel sickness, chemotherapy nausea etc.

Lilac, stretch-jersey Sea-Band Mama! wristbands which can work for morning sicknes, travel sickness and many other types of nausea too.
Sea-Bands have a bead embedded in the middle which when the bands are worn, applies gentle pressure to an accupressure point on the centre of the inner wrist (called The Nei-Kuan Point), approx 5-6cm up from the wrist crease.

Details on exactly how and where to place the bands on the wrists are in the pack.
The bead pressing on the accupressure point during wear can help relieve many types of nausea.
Sea-Band takes between two and five minutes to become effective.
A better result is usually achieved if the band is in place before your nausea commences.
Greater relief may be gained if necessary by applying extra pressure to the plastic stud.

Sea-Bands may entirely get rid of the nausea or they may simply provide some relief, either on their own or with other remedies such as herbal teas.
They can be a useful natural remedy to have on hand.

As with any medicine or remedy, always read the leaflet enclosed with product before use

About this anti-nausea remedy:

These wrist bands are completely safe and non-invasive but if unsure about using them, especially if pregnant, please check with your health care practitioner.
The jersey fabric is made from 64.2% Acrylic, 24.2% Nylon, 11.6% Elastane

Sea-Bands are re-usable and washable - rinse through by hand

Sea-Bands are manufactured in the UK

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