Natural By Nature Organic Eucalyptus Oil 10ml


Natural By Nature Eucalyptus Oil, Certified Organic essential oil, from eucalyptus globules leaves
approx 10ml

Mildly astringent, refreshing, cleansing and clearing, eucalyptus oil is excellent for inhalation.
It has a distinct, fresh and sharp aroma.

A traditional, extremely effective remedy for reducing body temperature in all types of fever;
Valuable as a decongestant for catarrh in most respiratory tract infections including colds, influenzer sinusitis, tuberculoses and throat infections.
Eucalyptus oil is also useful for hay fever.
Do not use undiluted

Always do a small skin patch test when using new products

Pregnant women should seek medical advice before using aromatherapy oils

Further suggestions and uses for eucalyptus oil blends can be found on the Natural by Nature website

About this Organic eucalyptus essential oil:

From Certified Organic eucalyptus globules leaves
No animal ingredients
Not tested on animals

Bottle is made from glass and can be recycled

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