Mohdoh - SLIM, 50g


Mohdoh Slim blue mouldable aromatherapy dough; designed to help with slimming / weight loss when dieting. Approx 50g in screw-top pot.

Mohdoh Slim is an effective, natural theraputic aid to tackling food craving and help improve will power for those people requiring help with dieting and weight loss.
(Designed to be used in conjuntion with a calorie-controlled diet)

A natural slimming aid that combines aromatherapy and colour therapy:

Moulding the dough provides a distraction while the essential oils of fennel geranium, patchouli and rosemary are vaporised and inhaled, helping to suppress appetite and increase metabolic rate.

Working the dough also keeps the slimmer's hands and mind occupied, reducing the urge to raid the fridge!

The blue colour of Mohdoh Slim helps to alleviate the anxiety associated with dieting and has been proven to reduce appetite.
(Source: Mohdoh)
The blue pigment in Mohdoh Slim will stain the hands slightly as the dough is worked and warms up.
This is part of the therapy, based on an instinct not to put blue into the mouth.
The blue dye is non-toxic and simply washes off with soap and water

Store the dough in its airtight container in a cool, dark place.
Wash hands before and after use
Return dough to the container after every use to ensure it stays fresh.
Depending on level and frequency of use, if stored correctly, the aroma of the oils will start to fade after about 2 to 3 months from opening.

Please use common sense when using Mohdoh Slim:

Always wash hands before and after use
Keep Mohdoh off soft furnishings and polished surfaces
As with any remedy, pregnant women and anyone suffering from epilepsy should consult a doctor before using Mohdoh Slim
Mohdoh is not designed to be eaten or chewed
So keep Mohdoh away from young children and pets
Mohdoh Slim is not suitable for anyone allergic to any of the plants or plant oils highlighted below

About this dieting aid:

Mohdoh Slim is infused with only the purest natural essential oils:
Fennel geranium, patchouli and rosemary
All carry the ECOCERT certification.

No artificial colours, preservatives or fragrance
100% non toxic (but do not eat it!)
No Animal ingredients or animal testing

When you have finished with your Mohdoh Slim, the pot can recycled
And 'spent' Mohdoh is biodegradable so it will break down without polluting.

Mohdoh is MADE IN THE UK

About Mohdoh:

Manufactured in the south of England, in Devon, Mohdoh is a natural, holistic aid, an alternative way to help with some of life's challenges.

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