Simply Gentle Organic Cotton Wool Balls 100


Simply Gentle Organic Cotton Wool Balls, approx 100.
Pure cotton wool for baby care and adult skin care / beauty.

Simply Gentle Cotton is grown organically with no harmful pesticides, herbicides or fertilisers
Pure enough to use for cleansing baby's delicate skin at bathtime and to wipe skin during nappy change.

Cotton wools are perfect for removing make-up, cleansing and toning the face,
Or for applying oil / lotion / cream to sensitive skin
Use dry or moisten first, according to the product.

About this organic cotton wool:

100% pure Certified Organic cotton, no rayon or viscose.

Certified Organic by the Soil Association
Grown without harmful pesticudes or toxins

The organic cotton used by Macdonald and Taylor comes from small village farming smallholders in Tanzania, East Africa
Processed without chlorine bleach, chlorine bleaching releases harmful dioxins into the environment

Natural Cotton Wool is 100% biodegradable
Can even be composted after use

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