Ecover Limescale Remover 500ml


Ecover Limescale Remover, 500ml spray (non-aerosol), a more natural, ecological way to remove limescale and hard water deposits.
(note: packaging may differ slightly from image)

Lightly foaming natural limescale remover / cleaner, can be used to remove limescale and crusty calcium deposits that are found in hard water areas.

nb Wear gloves*!
Carefully spray Ecover limescale remover directly onto the limescale and wait for a few minutes for it to dissolve and lift.
Rinse off thoroughly with water.

To remove a heavy build-up, repeat if necessary.
Do not leave limescale cleaner on surface for long period of time.

Use Ecover limescale remover for cleaning limescale and hard water deposits from taps, tiles, sinks and even to remove limescale in the toilet.

Natural limescale remover is also good for cleaning limescale, hard water deposits and soap scum build-up from baths, basins, chrome, shower cubicles, shower screens - and even the shower hose and shower head.

(And after cleaning limescale deposits from the shower cubicle, if you are wondering how to keep the it limescale-free: A daily spray with a Daily Shower Spray helps prevent build up of soap scum and limescale, mildew and mould in the shower by making the surfaces resistant to limescale and soap)

*Caution: Ecover Limescale Remover contains citric acid (to remove limescale, also kills germs) which is a common natural food ingredient but for the high concentration needed to remove limescale gloves should always be worn to avoid splashing on skin - and any splashes washed off immediately
Be very careful not to get any of the spray in the mouth or eyes

Ecover limescale remover is NOT for use on the following: enamel, marble, natural stone surfaces, gold, silver, household appliances, damaged or hot surfaces.

Do be aware that a heavy build-up of limescale may have already damaged the surface underneath it.

About this natural limescale remover:

Ecover cleaning products are based on natural and mineral ingredients.
Biodegradable, safe for septic tanks.

Minimum impact on aquatic life.
Ecover has never tested any finished products or ingredients on sentient animals
Suitable for vegetarians and vegans

Recyclable bottle

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