Fresh Pod 4 refill sachets (1 year's refills)


Fresh Pod standard refills, 4 sachets which is 1 year's supply for a fridge with 2 salad drawers.
No cage supplid with this item, if you need the cages please see the Starter pack

So much more than a fridge freshener; as well as helping to keep produce fresh in the fridge, Fresh Pod helps to prolong the life of fresh salad, fruit and vegetables by absorbing ethylene gas that is produced by natural produce as it ripens and ages.
Ethylene gas is odourless, tasteless and harmless to humans but it gradually builds up in the refrigerator, causing any fresh produce to ripen, age and rot prematurely.
Fresh Pod's manufacturer has discovered that by absorbing the ethylene, these pods can extend the life of fruit and vegetable by up to 4 times.

To use Fresh Pod refills, carefully prise open the 2 cages holding the original sachets and replace each with one refill (take the refill out of its plastic wrapper first).
Then snap shut, ensuring the sachet is tucked in away from the clips as it closes
Pop one Fresh Pod in each salad drawer.
After 6 months repaeat with the last 2 refills
Note: Fresh Pod works best with the produce unwrapped so the gas can be absorbed.

Mark on the calendar or diary in 6 months time a reminder to change the Fresh Pod inner - or register yours on the Fresh Pod website and they will send you a reminder

Before deciding whether to stock Fresh Pod we have been testing it on Organic fruit and vegetables from Riverford and have found a noticeable improvement in the life of our vegetables, particularly leafy vegetables, loose carrots, leeks, broccoli etc which stay firm for longer

About Fresh Pods:

Fresh Pod helps reduce potential food waste by prolonging the life of fresh produce in the fridge.
Helps reduce bacteria and germs in the fridge.
Preserves the freshness of food for longer, retaining important vitamins and nutrients.

Fresh Pod will not harm your produce and is approved for use by Organic Food organisations.

The re-usable green Fresh Pod cages are made in the UK from food grade polypropolene.
The sachet outer is made from Dupont 'Tyvek'
The natural ingredient inside the sachet is zeolite, with a small amount of potasium permanganate
This oxidizes the ethylene gas into magnesium dioxide which is compostable or can be sprinkled under plants as natural fertilizer.

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