Eddingtons Compost Pail


Eddingtons Deluxe Compost Pail, stainless steel kitchen compost bin with carbon 2 filters inside the lid, Size: 28cm (h) X 17cm (dia), approx 4.4 Litre capacity

With a stylish retro mini-dustbin design, this compost pail is smart enough to stand on the worktop or fits into a cupboard / deep drawer.
The lid keeps out flies and the charcoal filters keep smells from escaping
If you have room in your garden for a compost heap / bin or even a wormery, composting waste will eventually produce rich, organic compost to improve your soil with.
Use the Eddingtons compost pail for collecting used tea bags, coffee grounds, vegetable peelings and uncooked kitchen scraps, instead of sending to landfill.
(Note: Small amounts of waste cooked vegetables are usually ok in a wormery but not on the compost heap as they attract vermin and flies, the same goes for meat or animal products)
Food scraps will compost down quicker if the pieces are not too big and it's easier to trim waste as it is produced:
eg Vegetable stalks can be chopped lengthways, egg shells crushed, bananana skins split into 5-10mm strips and even tea bags break down faster if split.

To keep the compost pail hygenic, wipe any condensation that forms on the inside of the lid and empty the pail every few days or so, before waste reaches the filter - especially if it contains lots of wet or slimy stuff!
Wash and dry the pail thoroughly once a week after emptying.

Due to the type of use (dirty, sticky waste, tea bags, carrots etc) the inside will probably develop brown stains, especially near the rim.
We are sorry but we cannot accept returns that are due to these stains
Regular washing and a quick polish with Method Steel for Real spray helps protect the surfaces, especially the outside.
(Tiny stains can gently be polished off.
Stubborn stains inside the pail can be shifted with something gentle like 'Astonish' but the surface (especially around the inner rim) will need a polish afterwards with something like a silicon spray, Steel for Real or even WD40!

This compost pail can be lined with compost bags but we have found these slow to decompose under home composting conditions.
We do also sell the spare Eddingtons filters which should be replaced every 4-6- months

About this compost pail:

Made from stainless steel
Easy to clean

Filters are made from charcoal which can be composted
Composting waste food helps reduce waste going to landfill.

We have been using an Eddingtons compost Pail for a couple of years and have reviewed in more detail on our blog.

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