Faith in Nature Dishwasher Gel 500ml


Faith Dishwasher Detergent, 500ml bottle.
Fragrance-free gel detergent for automatic dishwashers.

A versatile alternative to regular dishwasher tablets, especially for a short wash cycle where tablets can fail to completely dissolve.
As with regular dishwasher tablets, Faith Dishwasher Gel is just a detergent, it does not replace the rinse aid or salt which unlike washing up by hand in the sink, are both very important for the efficient running of your dishwasher.

As appliances are developed to be more and more efficient, nowadays using a dishwasher instead of lots of small batches of washing up can prove an efficient way to use both water and electricity.
It is important to scrape off any food scraps and rinse heavily soiled items before loading the dishwasher, otherwise - the same as when washing up by hand - the dish-washing water will be full of food debris which may reduce the cleanliness of the wash. Also lumps of any undissolvable food (particulary seeds and raw vegetables) will tend to block the holes in the spray arms and the filter will clog up and need to be cleaned out more often.

Concentrated formula means Faith's dishwasher detergent cuts through grease and dried on food, leaving cutlery and dishes sparkling clean, without leaving a harsh chemical residue on dishes.
Derived from natural ingredients.
But contains sodium hydroxide so wash hands after handling and avoid contact with sensitive, broken or irritated skin

To use Faith dishwasher gel, simply pour gel into the dispenser.
Approximately 17ml (just under a tablespoon) is sufficient for an average cycle (but in hard water areas or on heavily soiled dishes, add up to 50% more gel).
Used this way one bottle of Faith dishwasher gel should last for up to 30 wash cycles.

About this dishwasher detergent:

Based on natural and plant-based ingredients.
No petro-chemicals
No residue of harsh, unnecessary chemicals left on your dishes
No added Fragrance or colour
This phosphate-free product is approved for use by 'Love Your Lakes'

Suitable for vegans

Recyclable bottle - where facilities exist.

Made in the UK

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