Oliva Olive Oil Soap (boxed) 125g


Pure Olive Oil Soap, 125g bar approx, from Oliva.

Simple, fragrance-free, traditional olive oil soap, made in Greece by ABEA
Natural, cold process soap, made with saponified greek olive oil, water and mineral salts

Palm oil-free and Coconut-free soap, for those who are trying to avoid palm oil or coconut-derived products
Simple, mild ingredients so may be suitable for those with sensitive skin

About this olive soap:

Natural soap made by the traditional cold process method (which retains the glycerin)
Palm oil free
Free from coconut oil and coconut products
Contains no artificial colours.
Free from any preservatives so no methylisothiazolinone or parabens (real soap does not need preservatives!)
SLS, SLES, ALS and ALES-free
Not tested on animals
Vegetarian soap, no animal ingredients
Minimal card packaging, can be recycled.

Saponified Olive Oil, water, mineral salts

About Oliva:

ABEA have been making olive oil soap since 1917
Based in the Agrokipio region of Chania, the history of ABEA begins in 1889, when the French chemist Jules Deiss, licensed by the Paster Institute of Paris, founded the company in the northwestern periphery of the centre of the Cretan city of Chania, for the production of kernel olive oil via the processing of its pulp. In 1951 the company became co-operative and remains so.(source: ABEA)

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