Simply Gentle Organic Cotton Wool Buds 200


Simply Gentle Organic Cotton Buds, approx 200 double-ended pure cotton wool buds with paper stems
For skin care and baby care.

(note the new stock has no plastic window in the box) The cotton used to make these Simply Gentle cotton buds is grown organically with no harmful pesticides, herbicides or fertilisers
Use Organic cotton wool for baby care:
Cotton buds are ideal for cleansing between baby's fingers and toes as well as around baby's nose and ears
(Never use cotton buds inside the ears or nose)

Simply Gentle Cotton Buds are also useful for adults, applying or blending make-up
Perfect for cleaning those delicate little, hard to reach places

Use dry or moisten first, as required.

About this cotton wool:

100% pure certified Organic cotton tips, no viscose.

Paper stems - no plastic

Natural Cotton Wool and paper are 100% biodegradable
After use these organic cotton buds can even be composted!

Empty cardboard box can be recycled

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