Natural By Nature Organic Orange Oil 10ml


Natural By Nature Orange Oil, Certified Organic, natural, essential oil, from the orange peel
approx 10ml

Very cheering, joyful, bright and lively, orange disperses gloomy thoughts, emotional tangles, obsessions and a fear of the unknown
Orange oil is tonifying and blends particularly well with the warming oils. (Do not use undiluted on the skin)

Orange has a special quality when correcting mistakes in oil blending.
Adding a few drops, will tone down and balance the blend.
It has a sweet and tangy aroma.
(Do not use undiluted on the skin)

Always do a small skin patch test when using new products

Pregnant women should seek medical advice before using esential oils and aromatherapy oils

Further suggestions and uses for orange oil blends can be found on the Natural by Nature website

About this Organic orange essential oil:

Certified Organic essential oil from the peel of citrus aurantium
No animal ingredients
Not tested on animals

Empty bottle can be recycled after use/>

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