Spa Body Brush - Sisal


Japanese Spa-style Sisal Body Brush, natural, sisal skin brush with bound handle

A natural product, sisal is the fibre extracted from the leaves of the Agave sisalana, a yucca-like plant that grows in warm climates

Quirky design - makes a great gift

This is a spa-style, stiff body brush, designed for body brushing / dry skin brushing.

Skin brushing should take just a few minutes each day.

Always work towards the heart and start off with very gentle strokes; you will find that gradually over time you can brush the skin more firmly, as you get used to the sensation

If you are new to dry skin brushing or body brushing, we have a post about skin brushing on our blog
(clicking link opens a new tab)

About this spa brush:

Natural product
Made from natural sisal fibre

Minimal packaging.
These brushes are made in China for Maddox Health Care

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