Long Handle Body Brush, Fibre Bristles


Wooden Body Brush, with long handle.
Natural body brush with Mexican fibre 'bristles', webbing strap and detachable long, slightly curved handle

A natural product, the fibre for the bristled is extracted from the leaves of a yucca-like plant that grows in Mexico

Rope loop in the handle for hanging up to dry
This is a stiff brush, for dry skin brushing
(If it gets too wet, the wooden handle may swell, distort or go get mould on it so if you want to use as a back scrubbing brush it needs to be not left for too long in the water, rinsed and thoroughly dried after each use)

Dry skin brushing should be done once a day, preferably first thing in the morning before showering.

Sweep the brush over every surface of the body, always moving towards the heart. This is to encourage the return of blood and lymphatic flow
Avoid any sensitive areas and the face.

Too much brushing will cause the skin to turn red and sore so be careful not to overdo it the first few times, start with very gentle strokes.

Gradually over time you can brush more firmly, as you get used to the sensation.

About this natural body brush:

Made from natural materials, suitable for vegans
No unnecessary packaging waste!

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