About Us

Who are we?
Green Emporium Ltd is a small, independent British Company, established in 2009 by husband and wife team Sally Arundell and Neale Court.

What do we do?
As well as running our fab little Green Emporium shop based in Sherwood, Nottingham and trading at local events and green festivals (details of any upcoming events are usually highlighted on our Facebook page), we operate a UK-based e-commerce website which offers customers who are looking for ways to be green a thoughtfully curated range of good quality, well-designed household, leisure beauty, baby, well-being and gift products that have been developed and produced with care for the environment.

We had for many years been looking into green lifestyle issues, sourcing natural and Organic products for personal care as well as green, sustainable, ethical products for lifestyle and home - working out for ourselves the best ways to be green in our day to day lives. Struggling to find locally the best eco and environmentally friendly products for our own use; we started looking online but found that sometimes the product arrived and it was not as green as it had appeared or it was simply not that it was not very good quality.
We asked around and other like-minded souls were saying the same thing; the idea of a green business started to germinate.

What started off as a small website selling just a few of our favourite green products, has slowly developed into the site we have today.
We have gradually built up a good range of the what we feel are the best natural, Organic, green, sustainable or ethical products which we add to whenever we find new and exciting lines that we think will work well on our website.

Why Shop with us?
Our website provides the opportunity to dip into both new and tried and tested green brands, shopping under one single post and packing charge, rather than buying single items from multiple websites.
We may not always be the cheapest place to shop but we do try to ensure that our prices are fair and reflect the quality of the product.

Website payments are processed by Paypal but you don't need a Paypal account as they can also process a card payments safely and securely, the same as any other card processor.
For your security during checkout when you click 'Paypal IPN' you will actually leave the Green Emporium website pages, entering your payment details on Paypal's own secure payment pages - but you can return at any time if you need to with one click, after either during or after the payment process.

For any refunds, if you have paid by credit or debit card the refund will go back into your bank or card account that you used to pay. (We have found this to be a super-fast service). If you have paid via Paypal transfer the refund will go straight back to your Paypal account.

Our Business Ethics
An important ethical aspect of our business is to always try to treat both customers and suppliers in the way that we would like to be treated ourselves.

We will always try to be open and honest about what we are doing.

We purchase all our stock either directly from the brands or from established, reputable, approved wholesalers.

We do not 'drop ship' ie we only sell items that we physically have in stock.

We only sell products on this website that we believe in although not everything we sell ticks every 'green' box.
When deciding what to sell, the emphasis is on providing a range that is designed to help us find new ways to be green and limit the impact of our shopping; working towards achieving a greener lifestyle; following the principles of ethical sourcing; where possible using Certified Organic and / or Fair Trade ingredients and replacing synthetically produced and petro-chemical based raw materials with sustainable / plant-based ingredients or recycled materials.

We will always try to avoid the following ingredients:
No Petro-chemical and petro-chemical derivatives, particularly in body care products
No SLS and SLES in body care products
No Aluminium in deodorants
No Parabens as preservatives
No Products or ingredients tested on animals
No animal fats or animal ingredients (except a few beeswax or milk ingredients)

Every ingredient has a potential environmental impact but where ingredients are particularly controversial - for example palm oil and bamboo are both crops that have been discovered being farmed on land that has been cleared from rainforest - we will try to use suppliers and brands that source their ingredients ethically and sustainably (preferably Organic) that are produced from established plantations, not on land cleared from rainforest.

Where practical, to ensure that only the best eco products are offered, we endeavour to test many of the brands that we sell ourselves or via family and friends

We also highlight any British-made items, supporting UK manufacturing

We are always interested in new British-made Eco and Organic products, if you make a product that you think would work on our website please contact sales@green-emporium.co.uk

Where possible / appropriate, Green Emporium will use recycled / re-used boxes an packaging to pack up your order

Our Marketing policy
No spam!
We appreciate that gathering email addresses at every opportunity in order to bombard customers with customer mail-outs and using cookies to track customer movements are both considered to be standard marketing tools for an online businesses but these are both things that we consider to be intensely irritating and at times invasive.
We will not bombard customers who register on our website with emails about deals on products and services.
Having noticed that the vast majority of people who register actually opt out of mailing lists, we think that 'no' means no; so other than when you first register on the Green Emporium website, we do not expect you to remember to opt out of marketing emails every time you shop with us.

We have also decided not to use cookies to track customer movements (other than is necessary to shop and checkout on our website).
So you will never find an advert popping-up as a result of something you that have looked at or searched for on our website.

Our Service
We pride ourselves on our quick service; all orders should be shipped within 1-2 working days (ie excluding weekends and bank holidays). In practice most items are despatched within 24 hours. Smaller parcels should arrive the day after - but please allow a little more time for larger parcels and around holiday times such as Easter, Christmas and bank holidays.
(More information and pricing is on the Delivery Info page)

If your order is urgent do please email us! sales@green-emporium.co.uk
If we are closed we will put up a clear notice on Delivery Info.
We will shut down over Christmas and New Year, we close for about a week over Easter and we are closed on all Bank Holiday Mondays plus the Tuesday

Generally we use Royal Mail 1st Class Post for parcels up to 1kg and Royal Mail Standard Parcel service, Parcelforce or Uk Mail for parcels over 1kg. (As a guide a parcel containing more than one bottle of cleaning liquid or more than two bottles of shampoo / body-wash will weigh more than a kilo). We may deliver local items ourselves

We can only ship to mainland UK at this time.

This website is in English.

Please email us at sales@green-emporium.co.uk if you need any further information about us or any of our products.

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